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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bloggeringly We March Along

So, I'll probably be blogging light this week, as I'm in Utica (whoo!) this week playing a concert with AWS at Hamilton College. I also have a really nasty cold, which means any spare time I have is devoted to sleeping.
For the record, playing John Adams' Son of Chamber Symphony in the morning when your cold is raging isn't exactly my idea of fun. I also gave a lecture on my Revolution 9 arrangement to the electronic music class here. That was fun, despite the fact that I really just wanted to curl up on the floor in fetal position and blow my nose until my heart came out. No, but it was actually kind of fun.
Oh yeah, and apparently the hall here is a MONO hall. I'll let that sink in for you. Yeah, no stereo. Mono. Um, and since my remix I'm having played during the concert of John and Yoko's Unfinished Music is, well, not mono (since I'm not currently living in the 50s), that is making things a little tough. Hm. Well, we're trying to figure something out.
Anyway, so yeah. Crazy busy. Crazy sick. Whoo stock market crash! Whoo end of civilization!
Mafoo sleep now.

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