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Friday, December 19, 2008

Netflix Watch Instantly Update

Finally. I have an RSS feed of their latest additions and having to watch films that literally noone knows (seriously, not even the directors) be added daily to the list was starting to, ya know, grind my gears or something.

But this snowy morning's list made me smile a bit. All the Back to the Futures plus Swingers. Nice.

Oh yeah, and Encino Man. Any, uh, Pauly Shore fans left out there? Brendan Fraser? Encino Man is available. Just putting that out there in case anyone wants to watch Encino Man. It's online. Netflix. Encino man is. Check it.


Amber said...

could you tell me how you got this RSS feed?

Mafoo said...

You can find the complete list of Netflix RSS feeds here, including the Watch Instantly feed. If you are signed in at the time you can also access personalized feeds. Have fun! :)