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Thursday, February 14, 2008

U.S. to Torture: Will You Be My Valentine?

Bush Will Veto Ban On Torture

And McCain opposes it. That's right.

I've been steering clear in the past, oh, year or so of getting all freaked out about the state of our country. Yeah, the Bush years were fucked, the war is insane, all that.

But really, if we can't manage to show that we are above TORTURE, then we kinda deserve to be hated around the world.

And McCain has truly proven that he will do anything to get elected.

Maverick, my ass.

1 comment:

The Gurftastic Blog said...

That's because you see, when HE was tortured, it was... ya know... bad. But when WE torture, it's because we have a really good reason to torture... DUH!