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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

CNN Headlines of the Day - T-Shirt Edition!

It looks like CNN is finally recognizing its descent into abject sensationalism, a symptom of which is its ridiculous headlines, which have become an internet meme of their own.

So CNN decided to take a hard look at their decaying sense of journalism and has begun a set of reforms aimed at delivering the news in a non-exploitative manner.

Ha, just kidding. They're releasing T-shirts, whoo!!

Now you can own a wacky CNN headline of your own!

Wacky headlines such as, um:

(image embed)

Uh... haha... get it? Cowboys riding an economy? An economy is not a horse, silly!

Or this gem:

(image embed)

Ha! Get it? Get it?? She, um... almost died!


What makes it an even better deal is that not only do you get to own the zaniness that you once ridiculed as a symptom of CNN's crumbling integrity, but you also get the equally large "*I just saw it on (followed by date and time)" that depletes any sardonic pleasure you may have derived from buying something from the source of your mockery!

Yay corporate humor!

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