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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mafoo LOLs

Ya know, I periodically subscribe to silly feeds in my RSS reader (Google Reader, get on it!!), ya know the kind of faddy (is that a word? fadish?) blogs that light up the blogEsphere for a few days at a time. Ya know, blogs like Stuff White People Like and Mickey Feo (hmmm... both Wordpress...). Every few weeks I'll tidy up my subscriptions and weed out these blogs with the kind of "What was I thinking?" mentality usually reserved for memories of freshman-year romances.
Well, I'm happy to say that Garfield Minus Garfield has not gone the way of Lucinda, the hedonistic dancer from Milwaukee with the endearing gap in her teeth. It still manages to yank a chuckle out of me, and in fact on occasion even compel me to burst forth a hearty belly laugh, as when I viewed this particular strip:

Das ist güt, ja?


Kate said...

you said faddy! and then word!

Mafoo said...

It's been lurking beneath the surface all these years. You can take the boy outa Downey, but you can't take the Downey outa the boy!

suzannemarques said...

mafoo, i useta like stuff white people like & then started getting the jokes mixed up with reality...

april fool's joke: we've signed on to create a line with target!

a few days before: we're making a book with random house!

how is that so different? i hate stuff white people like now.