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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

you don't need it.

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New "anti-ad" in Oakland, Ca.
I used to be into the idea of culture jamming. I bought Adbusters and shit. Then I kind of realized that it is just another way for people to feel better about themselves, by illustrating that they themselves are not susceptible to the tyranny of advertising. And, of course, in their limitless grace, they will extend a hand to guide you to the true path.

Fuck that. Why not just make a sign that says "I'm better than you.".

Ok, while I may not "need" my third vinyl copy of Linda Ronstadt's Get Closer, I want it. I want it bad.


A. One can never own enough versions of Kate McGarrigle's Talk to Me of Mendocino.


B. The cover, featuring Linda in a red polka-dot dress (!) folds out. So I obviously need one to display, one to listen to, and one to keep in my collection. Duh!

PS feast your eyes on Mafoo's extravagant decadence anti-consumerists! Allow Linda's airbrushed blush to seduce you into the alluring world of excess!

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