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Friday, August 29, 2008


Such a ballsy pick. And so political. Even I would rather blog about Palin than about Obama's speech last night.

Let's get this out of the way though:

She's hot.


Like serious hot librarian MILF hot.

I can't think of a woman in politics since, well um, ever who has given me near-impure thoughts. She also has a good deal of charisma and vitality, which McCain sorely lacks.

Now to the cynicism (oh the sweet cynicism...). It is so obviously a ploy to grab the Hillary-devoted idiots who have been threatening to vote for McCain. Many of them are women who were so insanely devoted to the idea of a woman president that they would spite-vote for McCain just to punish Obama for, ya know, having the audacity to beat Hillary fair-and-square. McCain is running from the Rove playbook 100% now. He's hitting Obama at his strengths, promising a historic ticket of his own. The messed-up thing is that this now will be a historic race no matter the outcome. The first senator president since Nixon. The first administration with either an African-American or a woman in the top office. It's hard not to be excited about that, even if it is such a blatant ploy.

Palin is also very young and inexperienced - she was not picked for her achievements - so if the Obama camp is smart they now have a golden defense for the Obama inexperience argument. They should be producing an ad right now that brings this to light.


Jeri said...

Hey - please grab the image and upload it to your site to that you're not using my bandwidth. :)


Jeri, again said...

I mean... "so that", sorry.