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Friday, July 11, 2008

My Shared Items

I've finally gone ahead and posted my Shared Items from Google Reader on my blog. They're on the left, just below my list of Covers and Remixes (that are FREE for download!!!!!). After months of ridicule from Melly for not posting them on my blog, I've bowed into the pressure. It's cool though, Shared Items fulfills that area of interest on a story where you're not quite fired-up enough to post on it, but you'd still like to, ya know, share. So, for example: Film Blog X has a post about Tarantino mentioning that Inglorious Bastards has hired a new grip. Hella exciting for Mafoo, less so for your hatin' ass. Into the Shared Items!

Get it? Cool.

If you're a Google Reader whore as I am you can alway view my page in Reader by clicking the title of the post, where you'll be able to see my shared items, download songs, listen to my podcast, see my list of bloggy pals (recently updated!), and um see a picture of me dressed as a sexy 70s Macbeth from 1996.

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