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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Fly Opera

Early reviews are less than laudatory, but I can't help holding out hope. I think it is an awesome idea for an opera, the perfect tragedy for an opera and the type of offbeat adaptation we need more of in opera and musical theater. I'm optimistic about the score though. Howard Shore, best known for mainstream scores such as Lord of the Rings, has actually a pretty awesome dark, experimental side. He tends to let himself loose on his Cronenberg scores, especially the more twisted films.
Check out the opening from Crash (ignore the Alliance theme at the very beginning):

The metallic twang of the electric guitars works really well with the imagery of the twisted, jagged steel of the crashed cars.

Here is the main theme from Videodrome, which sounds like a lot of IDM from today (it's from 1983!):

His Dead Ringers soundtrack is much more straightforward, but how it complements the grotesque and violent imagery makes it almost more creepy than his more "experimental" works:

Here is a video on The Fly opera that features some of the music and set design. I'm not terribly stoked with the musical selections they feature, but I guess we'll see:

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