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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trent Reznor Drops the Knowledge

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Here is a very cool interview for anyone who is interested in new business models for making money in music. NIN has probably the most progressive attitude for getting their music out there than any mainstream group, and they're still raking in the cash. It's fascinating to watch Trent Reznor geek the hell out about the "NIN brand" and revenue streams and all that. He's a pretty smart dude. Every musician would be smart to listen up.


chris said...

dude when did he get all ripped

Mafoo said...

Ha, that's what I was thinking too!

Chris Becker said...

I used to pass by his place in New Orleans in the Garden District on my way to my scary dangerous as hell neighborhood. You'd see him on the grill with Marilyn Manson's crew chilling on the back porch. I met Marilyn, but didn't get to meet Trent.

I too have been following Trent's projects since he left his label and am inspired by his attitude. He doesn't pretend he's happy with the current download culture but he doesn't have his head in the sand either.

I'm also glad he's still with us (i.e. alive). He's drug and alcohol free now, man. Hence the exercise.

Selly said...

Sweet clip, can't wait to see NIN at Bonnaroo