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Friday, March 27, 2009

Little Death Show and Subsequent Mini-Vacation

I just returned last night from Mell and my post-Little Death vacation to Portland, Maine. I'll include some pics here from both the show and our trip, as well a link to the full album. Enjoy!

The Show:
(thanks for the action shots Marbot!!)

"Something... happened..."

"You're like... God!!!"

"to... me..."

"And you know Jesus is my best friend!"


The Hang:

After-show glow

Dinner at Sammy's with the Folks:

Mystified by the seltzer

Mell in her Linda Richman shirt.

Steak it up Wil!!

We found ourselves in the midst of an impromptu bat mitzvah!

Trip to Maine:

You know you're out of NYC when the truck stops have NASCAR romance fiction...

Lobster cages in Portland

At J's, drinking an Amber

I look like I'm trapped in an ad for either beer, eyeglasses, or eyebrow tweezers...

Delicious oysters on the half-shell

More drinkin'. Yummy Bloody Marys!!

Melly, unsure of her first escargot endeavor

I'ma gonn eat you Pinchy!

This is how you pull the head off of a steamed clam.

Our adorable hotel.

Here's the link to the full album or you could just view the slideshow:


blu_stocking said...

lol! that's me making a "MY BEER IS EMPTY" face...

suzannemarques said...

pinchy the pet lobster! *giggle*

i don't wanna eat pinchy...but he tastes so delicious!